A 50 euro collateral will be collected upon accommodation (only school) from all teams and will be refunded if the team has kept their room in order.

School accommodation (A tournament pass)


Tiirismaan kouluKirkkokatu 1615140 Lahti
Lahden YhteiskouluKirkkokatu 215110 Lahti
Lahden LyseoLahdenkatu 615110 Lahti
Gaudia kouluTerijoenkatu 715140 Lahti
Kärpäsen kouluKasakkamäentie 115800 Lahti
Salpausselän kouluHämeenlinnantie 315800 Lahti
Länsiharjun kouluHelsingintie 5215700 Lahti

School accommodation is organized at the schools of Lahti from Friday (29.3.) to Sunday (31.3.). By notifying beforehand, Thursday accommodation is also available.

For the school accommodation the team needs their own mattresses, pillows and covers. 

An accommodations supervisor is always on site to ensure everything is in order. The supervisor can be reached at the tournament office or the lobby of the school. Silence will be announced at 23.00 at which time the doors will also be locked. If a team fails to follow these instructions or the supervisor’s orders, it can be excluded from the tournament. On Sunday the 31st, the classrooms have to be empty by 12.00.

Hotel accommodation (H-tournament pass)

Tournament hotels are:

The rooms are ready from 15.00 on Friday. If you need room after 12.00 on Sunday, negotiate it with the hotel. Reseption is open 7.00-22.00.

For additional information about accommodation contact:

Riina Raskunen +358 44 276 0500 /